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Minimizing Changeover Times: Improving Food Manufacturing Profitability & Operational Efficiency


Food Manufacturing has teamed up with Parker Automation to explore the true cost of Equipment Changeovers in the food manufacturing industry.

Historically, food manufacturers have struggled with limiting the amount of time that their lines lay idle when transitioning between product types. In a recent survey of Food Manufacturing readers, 78% said they perform changeovers on a daily basis in order to effectively manage their varying food and beverage offerings. This white paper identifies the key factors associated with these line changeovers, explores their true costs, and provides ideas on how to negate the impacts of changeovers including:


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  • The frequency of changeovers
  • The amount of time spent per changeover
  • Cleaning processes
  • Equipment reliability and maintenance issues,
    including component and subsystem replacements

For each scenario, this white paper identifies business considerations that may impact your decision-making process, the risks and benefits for each choice, and tips for making your chosen strategy work.

Average production lost per hour when equipment sits idle during changeovers: $2,630+

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